About Us

There are a lot of complicated things about bail bonds, one of them are the purpose, role, and the powers of bail bond enforcement officers, and the government officers and agencies that are involved. We try to explain things in detail their purpose and the extent of their authority, an important thing to know as a person on bail, and for those who aspire to work in bail bonds.

Isantisheriff.com is an organization that sheds light on the more complicated matters of bail bonds, and the enforcement officers involved in fugitive recovery. Allowing you to know your rights, avoiding an embarrassing arrest and being able to keep/improve your chances of posting bail again, depending on your situation of course.

Our secondary objective is to allow those aspiring to work in bail bonds, in specific fugitive recovery, as there are dangers that you will face as enforcement officer not directly under law enforcement. Legal issues could arise from the lack of knowledge in your limited authority as a fugitive recovery agent, possibly making your arrest somewhat unlawful. We work with a number of researcher and institutions to keep everyone updated and educated regarding matters such as these.

We also give brief explanations regarding which government offices and officers to work with regarding bail bond enforcement and its officer, the hierarchy and the procedures one must follow to do one’s job properly as a fugitive recovery agent, and to improve your chances as a fugitive under custody.

Each of these will be touch upon in our posts along with information regarding bail bondsmen and government agencies near you that may be able to help you with your deeper inquiries.

We educate and inform to protect, both bail holders and the enforcement officers. Reducing causing unnecessary harm and commotion, for a more orderly and just society.