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Isanti County Jail:

The main Isanti County Jail was built in 1984 and is licensed for 39 inmates. Recent jail crowding issues created the need to expand and the opportunity arose to establish a minimum security facility. The closing of the Cambridge Regional Treatment Center brought about the availability of several buildings suitable for this use. The sheriff's office took possession of the building on May 1, 1999 and has remodeled the building to bring it up to Department of Corrections codes.

Isanti County Jail Annex

The Isanti County Jail-annex opened on June 22, 1999 when 15 inmates were transferred into the newly remodeled facility. More inmates will be moved into the building in the near future.The jail-annex is located at the former Cambridge Regional Treatment Center's Boswell Building. The new facility is licensed for 48 minimum security/work release inmates, with plans for future expansion.

STS crews helped transform the Boswell Building at the old Cambridge RegionalTreatment Center into the new Isanti County Jail Annex. Crews painted, scrubbed, and polished walls and floors; moved furniture; assembled bunks; and cleaned up construction debris. The project took nearly two months to complete, including nearly 1,400 hours of work by STS members.