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Isanti County Sheriff’s Department and County Jail

The Statue of Liberty

The Isanti County Sheriff’s Department MN has been in constant use since 1984. Isanti County Jail was finished being built in 2005, included 74 additional beds, and now is responsible for holding up to 112 detainees.

To present with respect, respectability and pride, to approach every individual with deference and nobility and play out our obligations in an expert, proficient and unprejudiced way for the residents of Isanti County.

Responsibilities of the Isanti Sheriff Department

The authoritative unit of the Sheriff’s Office is answerable for the administration of the Sheriff’s Office. This incorporates:

  • Supervision of Staff
  • Budgeting
  • Allocation and Budgeting of Office Resources
  • Complaints Against Personnel
  • Staffing
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Planning

Annual Budget at the Isanti Sheriff Department

The Sheriff’s yearly spending plan of more than 5 million dollars covers complete activity including:

  • E-911 Dispatch Center
  • Civil Process
  • County Jail
  • Investigation and Patrol Services
  • Kitchen
  • Volunteer Services
  • Records

Isanti County Jail

The Work Release and the Isanti County Jail are division of the Isanti County Sheriff’s Department. The Isanti County included the previous prison that was worked in 1984. Then in 2005 the expansion was done. The previous prison housed 39 detainees. The new expansion can possibly house 112 detainees. In 2006, the prison faculty booked more than 2,100 individuals into our office.

To help raise income for the area, the Isanti County Jail works to hold up to 20 out-of-district detainees at a pace of $55 every day. The prison comprises female and male detainees. The Isanti County Jail comes equipped with the following:

  • Extreme Security
  • Medium-Security
  • Kitchen
  • Work Release

With regards to dynamic ways of thinking in current rectifications, the Isanti County Jail offers an assortment of deliberate personal development open doors for detainees. Our prison’s program organizers mastermind instructive courses, compound reliance treatment, and strict help open doors for detainees.

A portion of these projects incorporate GED classes, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous gatherings, and nondenominational strict administrations.

Isanti County enables guests to go to the prison to see detainees during standard visiting hours, which fluctuate contingent upon where the prisoner is being housed in the prison. Detainees can likewise get out of the prison, and residents can leave messages for detainees by calling a unique telephone number.

In 2012 an agreement was granted to the A’viands Food Management organization to deal with the nourishment administration activity in the Isanti County Jail. The nourishment administration staff comprises of one full-time Food Service Director and two low maintenance Cook Supervisors. Regularly the nourishment administration staff is enlarged by one to two detainee laborers.

In 2013 the nourishment administration staff arranged 51,981 prisoner suppers, 4,370 staff dinners, and 2,444 sack breakfast/snacks for Sentence to Serve and Work Release detainees.

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